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PROJECT PROPOSAL ... unpublished ... unseen .. ... but yet very useful! ... MOBILE BANKING APP CASE STUDY
Omnichannel user friendly banking app
NLB bank has launched a product - a new omnichannel digital bank, which offers banking services on all channels via native applications (web, iOS and Android). The task was to to design a UX and UI design solutions with wireframes for app's Product summary page (which would display all the banking products that the customer already has with the bank), Dashboard and mockups for both functionalities.
According to Product manager, basic desktop wireframes was already made. So I had to adjust UX version and prepare wireframes for mobile phone according to user research. All of banking products should be visible (current account, credit card, loan, insurance etc) in one place, so user didn't need to search for them across the application just to get a quick overview. Secondly, user had to see all relevant balances of his products instantly, so he has complete control over his overall financial state. And final task was that user should be able to quickly navigate (dig dipper into his products), so he could access relevant detailed content without losing his time.
The biggest challenge was to adapt all the navigation functionality shown in the desktop wireframe version. I had to take into consideration desktop version general layout and navigation to access detailed content of an individual product (typically transactions, statement, product details, settings). For demonstration purposes I had to focus on navigation of Current accounts and demonstrate, what would be the most suitable navigation to the following functionalities of a Current account ( t.i. Transactions, Bank Statements, Product details, Product Settings, Currency exchange).
After successfully finished the first task and aligned with the Product manager on the wireframe for product summary, I've also had to prepare UI design proposal for this functionality. Usually, I don't like to submit only wireframe for clients approval without adding also UI design drafts. When designing graphic elements for the product app, it often happens that due to the size of the fonts or individual shapes, diverse changes may occur in the pre-set wireframe. This can have a negative impact on the project itself, because the client may be surprised by such changes, as he doesn't know the design process itself and could perceives it as a mistake or superficiality. Therefore, I prefer to start parallel planning - drawing wireframes and designing graphics at the same time, which I also change and adapt at the same time (what I call: parallel iteration).

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