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JUNIJ ... Festival ... of culture ... in Ljubljana
The circle,
triangle and
square story.


Municipality of Ljubljana (Mestna občina Ljubljana)



The JUNIJ (JUNE) festival is a local city festival of cultural events, held in Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana. The festival provides free-of-cost, contemporary cultural content featuring music, dance and theatre performances by local artists. We created a comprehensive advertising campaign, an “eternal” identity that can be upgraded over the years, and graphically displayed the versatility of festival’s content all in order to present the festival’s main mission: To make a sustainable contribution to the local community.
With simple and memorable geometric shapes, in a minimalist, modern and abstract way, we show all three areas of performance – music, theatre and dance. The shapes serve as visual separators of the artistic discipline of the festival events, but they can also act as a decorative elements on posters, stage banners, etc. The geometrical shapes coincide with the dynamic image of the festival. Their behaviour corresponds to the chosen media format – they can always be used in different positions, which helps the identity to achieve a dynamic quality in the media format.


Not only the dynamic identity can be upgraded over the years, it graphically displays the versatility of the festival’s content.

Brochures & Posters

We used the practice of a dynamic graphic image. That way, we enriched the festival name simply and achieved flexibility. All graphic elements linked to the overall image can appear in different positions – depending on the needs of the media format. This enables the image to be developed, upgraded and redesigned in the future – the identity is not bound by strict rules of use. It is clear in its communication and becomes contemporary and playful – which motivates a wider circle of visitors and also entertains the younger audience.

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