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PROJECT PROPOSAL / UI Design for online courses ... unpublished ... unseen .. ... but yet very useful! ... CASE STUDY
Online UX/UI Design Course for Kids
Project scope:
Tekkie Uni offering STEAM education and courses for kids between the ages of 8 to 14. Brands’ main personas are parents for young children, where the vast majority of them with high education and in good household economic status. Currently, the e-commerce mini-funnel that users go through has between a 7-10% conversion rate. The client wanted to take that to the next level; to upgrade and re-design the user interface and make some UX modifications. Also one of the main challenges should be the calendar/scheduling for courses. The assignment was to create a new fictional course for “UX/UI Design for kids” which would include all these new requirements.
The existing page gave me a filing of inconsistency and in some section seemed a bit chaotic, too, so I've decided on a complete website redesign. The inconsistency is shown mainly in following brand guidelines considering colour selection and visual and photo material appearance, especially in sections, at which images should address the emotions of the user, and not only showing course descriptions.
UX suggestions and content modifications:
In terms of content, I designed the page in a clean and contemporary look (shorter texts, illustrative displays, elegant and clean typography, unified CTA banners ...). Under the» registration« or »enrol now« option, I rather used the »Start Free Trial« option – so, the trial version with immediate cancellation option in which registration remains until the cancellation date. A possible option could also be the »Freemium« version - in which users will have to upgrade to a paid plan for additional or higher-level features. In my opinion, payable trials may repel potential prospects, which can contribute to the poorer conversion. Also, Live Demo or Demo videos and GIFs are interesting for users in which you can offer your team scheduled through your site.
Colours, iconography and illustrations:
I liked the courses colour segmentation on existing pages. I wanted to keep these differentiations for the future - only to compile the colour scale more consistently keeping the same tone spectrum (tonality and intensity should be equal). The same goes for iconography and illustrations - despite the fact that education is an activity that involves the whole family and the TekkieUni website is intended more for parents, I think that it is good to maintain playfulness. In that way, the offer can be also attractive to younger prospects or scholars. After all, they are the ones who will go to school and not their parents.
Courses calendar and scheduling:
One of the main challenges was also the calendar - scheduling for courses where the client expected dramatically improvements.

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