I am Tina Ralic. I Design. I create socially responsible & sustainable design solutions.

Slide Engaging users to improve health care. Design for health care.
The e-Health platform supports health care institutions to maximise value for patients. The platform is used by patients, medical personnel, insurance providers and pharma researchers. I am pleased that I was able to participate to this project from 2013 to 2015. And thankful for the opportunity to upgrade my knowledge in UI design development in the field of healthcare.
The Vitaly e-health platform is owned and created by Parsek, a company specialised in information technology.
Look & feel / UX design: Tomaž Hočevar @Parsek
UI design / graphic production : Tina Ralić 

Form & Function. 

The platform interface is constructed by simple graphic elements that are easily accessible and recognisable by the platform’s users. Information is reachable in the easiest way possible, so a doctor’s interaction with a patient (and vice versa) is fast and effective. By using standardised data exchange, doctors are able to access daily observations gathered from mobile apps, connected devices and patients themselves instead of only those occasionally gathered at the doctor’s office.
oblikovanje uporabniškega vmesnika načrtovanje uporabniške izkušnje za področje zdravstva

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