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SKILLS ASSESSMENT TESTS / UX & UI design for online grocery store ... unpublished ... unseen .. ... but yet very useful! ... CASE STUDY
User experience modification for the online grocery store
NOTE: The task was part of an employment test task and not submitted as a client inquiry.
Among other things, TUŠ is the owner of one of the largest food stores in Slovenia. They needed user experience customisation for certain items in their online grocery store.
Test task scope:
The user decides to buy food online. The story begins when a user comes across a product that is not in stock. And ends with a successful order. The user successfully adds 22 products then hits upon a product that is not currently in stock. The user wants that product anyway, as well as to be delivered in the following days. I had to consider what options the user has in order to purchase the product despite the fact that it is missing in stock.
The process that led to decisions:
The task had to be approached intuitively due to the lack of certain information (such as user research and user journey ...). I put myself into the users shoes and first draw a Mind Map (draft sketch of thought process).
Then I sketched a Low-fidelity wireframe (showing the path from the occurrence of the problem to the achievement of the user's goal) and User Flow (records of the user's goals and tasks showing how to make it easier for the user to achieve the goal (possible limitations, requirements, and predictions appear in the solution).
Possible solutions:
WISHLIST option - where the user could save the product and later decide on the purchase method (pre-order, later delivery, etc.) The main concern was, whether it is good to offer the user to buy an out of stock product - what if the truck overturns and product is not delivered within the promised time? Therefore, I offered an alternative (and possibly more suitable) solution - the option of 2 baskets - a regular basket and the other for pre-orders.
So the shop can sell the product in any case - before it is on the shelf and even when it is no longer in stock. When the product is back in stock, the user receives a notification with the date of possible deliveries (via SMS, email, shop app push message). By replying to this same notification, the user can make a purchase at the same time (eg by clicking on the link in the message, the store opens and the previously selected product has already been added to the cart). I present you an example of UI design for one step in user path.

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